Who’s afraid of the big, bad Woolfe?


Every once in a while, something comes along that instantly gets your attention with stylish good looks, an intriguing premise and a good amount of promise.

Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries is one of these games. Developed by 7-man Belgian outfit GRIN (unrelated to the dearly departed Swedish multiplatform studio, before you ask), Woolfe takes the well-known fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, layers it thick with a dark, steampunk-inspired gothic aesthetic and crams it into a 2.5d side-scrolling game.

Described by the developer as a “dark, sidescroller odyssey”, details about the game are a bit scarce right now other than that it’s currently in the alpha stage of development, with a public beta due to come in March 2014 and is being developed in Unreal Dev Kit. We’ve reached out to the developer for more information.

In the meantime, catch a look at the game in action by watching the trailer below:

[This article was originally publised on The Indie Game Magazine and is reproduced here with permission]


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