The Narrow Path heads to Steam Greenlight


Earlier this year, Image Comics held a Game Jam centered around popular Zombie comic/TV show/game series The Walking Dead, challenging developers to make a zombie-themed game inspired by – but not related to – the franchise.

Of the 60 games that were entered into the contest, The Narrow Path came out as a Top-10 winner and now the braaaaaaaaains (sorry, I did try to resist a pun) behind the title, 2-man development team Beavl – with help of writer and artist Fernando Martinez – have taken the game to Steam Greenlight as they work on adding more content and polish to what they hope will be a successful commercial product in its final form.

It’s certainly an interesting take on the central theme, tasking players with the responsibility of wiping out human and undead alike with the aid of a mutant dog (no, we’re not sure why either) and growing their own personal army of shambling remote-controlled flesh-eaters (yes, really).

Oh, did I mention that you do all of this from the safety of a camper van? I guess if you’re trying to protect yourself from being eaten by ravenous undead while working on wiping them out, you can’t get much better than a mobile home.

With a monochromatic retro visual style, in keeping with the look of the comic which inspired it, and an offbeat streak of jet-black humor, the game is a fairly simple RTS with rogue-like elements – characters and equipment can be levelled up and upgraded, death is permanent and in the final release all levels will be procedurally generated. The original Game Jam version of the game can be played for free now over on the game’s official website. It’s a pretty fun little game even in its original form, so here’s hoping that Beavl are able to expand it into something even better in the final release.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.

[This article was originally published on The Indie Game Magazine. It is reproduced here with permission.]


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