Quantum Party Crasher is the winner of Game Jolt’s Party Contest

Quantum Party Crasher (750x276) (610x269)

Indie Developer community site Game Jolt has announced the winners of its 10th official contest and coming out on top is Quantum Party Crasher, made by a 4-man team headed up by Daniele Giardini.

Set in a future where robots take care of everything and all the humans do is party day and night, the player’s job is to climb the world rankings of party-goers via the use of a convenient time machine. Go back in time, hold wild parties and dazzle the crowds with your awesomeness, before returning to the (future) present and enjoying the rewards as you climb the ranks. There’s an element of stealth though – to get into each party, you’ll need to steal an invitation and avoid being seen by the bouncers, otherwise you’ll meet a sticky end.

Created in just one week and submitted a mere hour before the official closing deadline for the contest, the level of polish on display is impressive. The game has some attractive retro graphics, a decent (and annoyingly catchy) soundtrack and some enjoyable gameplay. From the sounds of things, the developers will continue to develop the title further, adding more levels, time periods and building on the existing game mechanics. It will certainly be interesting to see what they manage to achieve based on the strength of their initial effort.

With over 140 entries submitted to the contest, the judges certainly had their work cut out for them when it came to choosing winners. But somehow they managed it. Aside from Quantum Party Crasher, two other games won the final prize (a whole host of indie games). Those games were Super Clean Clean from developer Quazi -which has you cleaning up the after-party mess left behind after celebrations – and Party Run, a neat twist on the Endless Runner genre which has you running away from your boss in order to get to a party in time. All three winners boast attractive graphics, a keen eye for game design and an interesting take on the Party theme.

You can find out more about the contest by clicking this link. Otherwise, you can play all three winning entries for yourself by following the rest of the links in the article.


3 responses to “Quantum Party Crasher is the winner of Game Jolt’s Party Contest

  1. Hey Dale, thanks for writing about QPC šŸ™‚ We definitely plan to make it bigger and better, with a more complex story and gameplay.

  2. Thank you, Dale for talk about Our game! As Daniele said, we will make it better and bigger.

  3. Thanks to both of you. We’re just getting started here and we’re very much in a soft-launch status; we hope you’ll continue to visit us in the days and weeks ahead as we build up to our official launch and take ourselves into wider circulation, so expect plenty of changes in our appearance as we continue to get things sorted šŸ˜‰

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