Take a look at new mecha game Project Nimbus

Project_Nimbus (610x343)

If you enjoyed Strike Suit Zero and classic Playstation 2 game Zone of the Enders, then you might be interested in Project Nimbus, a new Mecha shoot-em-up from new developer GameCrafterTeam seeking crowd-funding [cloud-funding? I’ll get my coat – Dale] on Kickstarter.

Seeking just £6,000 (just under $10,000 or a little over €7,000)  – due in part to the low cost of living in the developer’s homeland of Thailand (they’re working with Uk-based Indie publisher Kiss Ltd, hence the GBP currency) so that the developer can polish off the final stages of development, it certainly looks like it has lots of promise. An array of stretch-goals, if met, will add a sandbox mode, an extended story campaign, a fully-featured cockpit view and even Oculus Rift support, the nifty and much-anticipated Virtual Reality headset that’s been turning heads.

Pledge levels are similarly low, with the highest tier coming in at £25 (approx. $40/ €29), which will get you access to the alpha version, two copies of the finished game on Steam and the official soundtrack, among other things.

Project Nimbus puts players in the driving seat of a giant Mecha, those bipedal battle robots so beloved in Eastern countries such as Japan and South Korea. You’ll fly around high above terra firma, taking down enemy pilots, giant doomsday weapons and capitol ships. It even has a giant 500-foot tall enemy boss, because when you want to do impressive firepower, nothing quite says flaming hot laser death than robots the size of a mountain.

Project Nimbus is already nearly 25% towards its target, with another 40 days yet to go – so it’s already looking like this is one to keep an eye on.

Head over to their page on Kickstarter to judge it for yourself, or take a look at the game in action below and let us know what you think.

[This article was originally published on The Indie Game Magazine. It is reproduced here with permission]


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