Teslagrad launches on PC and Mac, trailer inside

Teslagrad_header (610x203)

Teslagrad has finally launched on PC, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, Norwegian developer Rain Games has announced.

Originally announced last year and set in the same steampunk-tinged universe as the developer’s previous title Minute Mayhem, Teslagrad tasks players with exploring a non-linear world platforming and puzzling their way through over 100 environments, platforming and puzzling their way.

The game’s unique hook is the need to use electromagnetism in order to manipulate the world and progress through devious hair-raising puzzles. A focus on visual storytelling, a lack of GUI and and an atmospheric soundtrack combine with the gameplay and have ensured that Teslagrad has enjoyed plenty of attention throughout its development.

It’s available now, priced at $9.99/ £6.99/ €8.99 on Steam, GoG.com and Desura, but for launch week you can get it with a 20% discount.

Rain Games hopes to have Wii U and Playstation Network versions of the game available in the future.

We’ll have our review of Teslagrad up as soon as possible, but in the meantime cast your eye over the game’s launch trailer below.

[This article was originally published on The Indie Game Magazine. It is reproduced here with permission.]


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