Dungeon of the Endless now on Early Access


Dungeon of the Endless is now available as an Early-Access purchase on Steam, developer Amplitude Studios has announced.

Coming from the same minds that released excellent 4X strategy game Endless Space last year and fantasy-based 4X strategy Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless takes a slight departure from the strategy genre, featuring rogue-like gameplay pitting you and the crew of your downed ship against waves of monsters seeking to destroy your generator, all while attempting to explore a large dungeon, discover the secrets of the planet that you’ve crash-landed on and attempt to escape with your lives intact. You’ll also need to balance the needs and demands of the Guards and hardened criminals that make up your not-so-merry band, research new technology and gather resources to power the various rooms back at your base.

The game features some attractive pixel art and while many of the gameplay features and mechanics have yet to be implemented, to looks to offer plenty of dungeon-crawling fun when it finally reaches its official release sometime next year.


[This article was originally published on The Indie Game Magazine. It is reproduced here with permission.]


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