Dying Light shines a torch on gameplay in a new video

dying_light_logo (610x370)

Developer Techland has shown more of its upcoming zombie-themed, open-world Survival Horror title Dying Light in a new video showing nearly 10 minutes of footage.

Zombie survival games are ten a penny these days, with titles such as DayZ, State of Decay and How to Survive all taking a bite of what is fast becoming a prominent sub-genre. With so many games looking to tackle the same subject matter, original takes on the idea are increasingly in demand in order to stand out.

Thankfully, Techland has realized this, introducing a dynamic day and night cycle directly tied to the gameplay. During daytime, zombies are slow and easy to avoid – allowing you to scavenge for supplies, set up traps and use Mirror’s Edge-style free-running to navigate rooftops and traverse the world.

Things change when the sun goes down, however. In the dark, zombies are far more deadly, gaining the ability to sprint, jump and climb just like you can, and deal increased damage. Thankfully, a form of night vision will allow you to locate them in the darkness and help you to avoid their notice. It looks like a game that holds promise then, with plenty to separate it from the studio’s previous Dead Island series – the most recent installment of which, Riptide, was released last year to mediocre reactions from players and critics alike.

Here’s hoping that Dying Light is an improvement. Judge for yourself by watching the video below.


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