Wasteland 2 arrives on Steam Early Access


Wasteland 2, the much-anticipated RPG sequel from Brian Fargo’s indie development studio inXile Entertainment, is now available on Steam Early Access for Windows PCs, priced $59.99/£29.99/€44.99.

The game did very well when it sought funding on Kickstarter last year, coming in with a final total of $2,933,252 – an impressive 326% of their original goal of $900,000.

The game is only in beta at the moment, but as with all Early Access games, buyers will receive all future updates for free. The price of the final game will apparently be lower according to the developer, but for you money you do also get an updated version of the 1988 original, a copy of the original soundtrack, digital novellas and a digital concept art book to sweeten the deal, and those extras are exclusive to Early Access backers.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future version of America, the game has you and your band of Desert Rangers fighting to survive in the wilderness of South Midwestern States. Combat is tile and turn-based, pitting you against all sorts of mutants, other survivors and feral wildlife. The original is famous for being inspiration behind the popular Fallout franchise.

Watch the Early Access teaser below.

[This article was originally published on The Indie Game Magazine. It is reproduced here with permission.]


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