Nintendo announces Hyrule Warriors


In today’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata has announced a new Legend of Zelda spin-off title, developed in collaboration with Koei, developers of the Dynasty Warriors series.

Hyrule Warriors, as it’s currently known, looks to be very much in the vein of Koei’s Warriors series; in the footage shown Link is seen battling large numbers of enemies with an array of special moves such as a spinning fire attack, a bombardment of bombs and other devastating moves. At another point he’s seen tackling a giant boss monster that looked like a giant rolling armadillo made of stone. Link does a sideways roll out of the way, before running up to attack the boss’ weak point.

Marrying Link to the familiar gameplay of Dynasty Warriors is a bold move, but gameplay looks fast and fluid and it certainly looks like it has the potential to be an interesting side-step for the series. If you were hoping about more information about a more traditional Zelda game on the Wii U though, you’ll be disappointed – nothing more was disclosed, though Iwata did make a point of noting that there is a mainline entry in development for their struggling home console. At this point it’s likely that nothing further on that title will be revealed until next year’s E3 in June.

In the meantime, check out the teaser below.


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