Yoshi’s New Island to release in Spring 2014

Yoshis_New_Island_Logo (610x179)

Yoshi is due to return to screens in a new game launching on 3DS in 2014, Nintendo has announced.

The new game, originally announced at E3 earlier this year, is a direct sequel to snes hit Yoshi’s Island – itself a sequel to the legendary snes launch title Super Mario World – and the slightly more obscure N64 title Yoshi’s Story (which wasn’t quite as good, but still enjoyable).

Retaining the gorgeous crayon-drawn look of the original game, but with characters rendered in 3D, Yoshi’s New Island (as it’s dubbed) retains the gameplay of the original title with a couple of new additions – at one point Yoshi can be seen swallowing an enormous Shy Guy, before laying a giant egg which he launches upwards. The egg then ricochets off of various walls, picking up coins and opening up the path forward in the process. In addition, a variety of new eggs will grant Yoshi more abilities as he continues in his journey to take Baby Mario to safety.

Yoshi’s New Island is due to be released in the spring of next year. We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly looking forward to get our hands on it.


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