Just in case you weren’t aware, Continue Play has migrated

Hi everyone,

Just in case you weren’t aware, Continue Play migrated to being a self-hosted site earlier this year.

The self-hosted site has a number of additional features as well as a much more professional design. After starting Continue Play back in September of last year, it grew very quickly to the point where operating the site on wordpress.com was no longer a viable option. The site is now a registered limited company with a team numbering around 20 people, and the limitations inherent in wordpress.com simply meant that it didn’t make sense to continue hosting it here.

You can find the new site over at www.continue-play.com.

There, you’ll find over 300 game reviews, several thousand articles in total to read including retrospectives, news, previews, opinion pieces, and others, as well as a much more professional layout and some fun little features like our favorite gaming quotes on the front page. We also have additional information about the games being written about so it’s now easy to see at-a-glance in an article who the developer is, what platform(s) the game is on, and what genre it belongs to.

But we’re not done yet. September marks the 1st anniversary of Continue Play, and we have something very special planned for our birthday – another full-scale redesign. Our new design has been built from the ground up to be much faster to load, much easier to navigate for readers, and also far more friendly for people using mobile devices. We’re also working on introducing even more unique features, all while keeping in touch with our existing look so that it’s still recognizably Continue Play.

I hope you’ll all jump on board and become regular readers over at continue-play.com, and please feel free to leave comments, drop us a line using the feedback form on the site, and even send in any submissions if you’d like to contribute to the team. We’re just getting started with the site, and we’re confident that we have a very bright future ahead of us.

Hope to see you all soon!


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